Popular Types Of Childcare

Popular types of childcare

Putting a child in a safe custody and security in your absence is a challenge in itself. There are several options and choices available but the parents find it hard to reach out for the right choice for their kids. Here we have enlisted some basic types of the childcare North Shore Auckland that are popular among the parents for the good care of their kids. These available options include

  • Day-care centres
  • In-home day-care
  • Nannies
  • Foreign caretakers
  • Child care from close ones
  • Early school


  1. Day-care centres are popular since the times women workforce has started increasing. It was really hard to manage the kids in the absence of the mothers. To ensure the effective safety and security the kids are sent to the day-care centres where the trained and experienced staff manages the kids while the parents are away for the job or else. There are specified working hours in which the parents get the services. These services can be taken on monthly or weekly or hourly basis. These days every workplace provides the parents who are their employees the support to take care of their kids.
  2. In-home day-care is similar to the regular day-care but the difference rests in the point that the kids are taken care of within the home. They don’t have to leave their homes for another place. It is an economical and customer friendly option. These kinds of day-cares are properly licensed and offer all those activities that keep the kid busy and active all through the day.
  3. Nannies are there for individual support and help. Their services are available for a certain period of time or for the whole day. Their services are offered against a set amount that they charge per hour. A more sophisticated version of the nannies is the shared nanny under which more than two parents share a nanny for their kids. A home is designated for all the kids and it is where they take care of the kids.
  4. Foreign caretakers popularly known as the au pair are the stay home caretakers. They offer their services against the basic amenities provided by the parents like the accommodation or the stipend. They are close to the kids as they stay like a family member and are constantly in connection with the parents and the kids.
  5. Childcare from closed ones is considered a reliable mode of taking care of the kids. The cost is not too high as the loved ones adjust the cost and price ad don’t charge much like the regular baby sitters.
  6. Early school is meant for those kids who are about to start their education. These childcare centres are meant for preparing the kid for the academic journey.